Please view and share Meryl Streep’s moving and articulate view of the hidden Hillary.  Streep elegantly demonstrates the kind of information and tone we need to reach our friends who are on the fence about Hillary.  You cannot underestimate the powerful influence of the opinion of a respected close friend. Now is a good time for each of us to begin conversations with one colleague at a time.

All the focus groups can do their best, but it is you, and your activism in seeking out reasonable people that will make the biggest difference in the mind of an undecided voter this November.  Your simple decision to engage in an honest talk can help our country see the values we want to define us more clearly. This does take a certain type of courage, and it’s easier if you are not hoping for an immediate “win.”  Change is gradual.  Talk to the neighbor next door. One conversation at a time. We don’t have the luxury of losing our tempers. Streep makes a case, with accurate information about Hillary’s qualifications to lead. Talking takes time. But our sincere resolve to do one positive thing each day between now and November can make a meaningful impact. Maybe today you can just take the time to share this speech by Meryl Streep.