The Path to Creativity

Creative Writing Exercises
to Awaken the Artist Within

Path to Creativity, Charity HumeFor many of us, a treasure of hidden material is stored within our memories, waiting for a way to come to the surface. Each exercise in The Path to Creativity can give writers a focused way to access the unique memories, ideas, and experiences that give our lives meaning. In this profound journey into the heart of your own imagination, you will discover a wealth of material you can transform into art. By writing, you will better understand the creative vision you are destined to share with the world. It is a journey filled with beauty and emotional power. There is no more important gift you can give your life, than exploring the path to your own creativity.


The Wisdom in the Room

A Teacher’s Guide

The Wisdom in the RoomThe Wisdom in the Room brings creative techniques to the classroom. The practical exercises described in these pages will empower both teachers and students to gain access to the unique source of wisdom we all possess. The Wisdom in the Room gives specific strategies to encourage creative thinking, energize the class, and give students an active role.  By trying some of the techniques described in these pages, teachers can free themselves from the repetition and routine of teaching, as they move from being the center of attention, into the director’s chair.



The ingenious and sometimes unorthodox tools in The Wisdom in the Room will allow the reader to acknowledge, unpack, and surpass barriers that prohibit them from achieving their full potential as teachers, students, writers and lifelong learners. After using the exercises, I was left with several bodies of work— clear, honest, and heartfelt— that I feel contributed to my being named both a Ron Brown and a Gates Millennium Scholar.

– Aubrey Walker
Harvard University ’15, Ron Brown Scholar ’11 and Gates Millennium Scholar ’11

If you care about education, this book is a must-read. Filled with inspiring insights about creativity and learning, The Wisdom in the Room takes a bold step in re-imagining the teacher-student relationship.

– Adam Leipzig, Publisher, Cultural Weekly, former President of National Geographic Films

Charity Hume is an experienced, creative teacher and wonderful writer who brings great wisdom and years of classroom experience to the art of teaching.   The Wisdom in the Room should be a must-read for teachers, parents and students everywhere.

– Hoyt Hilsman, Author